Chris Jacobson – Short Bio

Chris Jacobson July 19 2018Christian, Husband, Father, Businessman

Chris grew up in a family business and spent 20 years as a professional trade show and conference producer, managing the 3rd largest printing industry event in the country, The Gutenberg Festival, a 900-booth heavy equipment trade show, which boasted over 40,000 expo attendees and 3000 conference attendees at its peak.

He is detail-oriented and an expert in operations, workflow, process, and efficiency, having direct, hands-on experience in all aspects of business operations and management, from the mailroom, darkroom and warehouse on up to the C-suite. Chris currently consults with small- to medium-sized businesses looking to improve their workflow and profitability by expanding the topline and eliminating unnecessary costs through more efficient operational processes.

He’s a people person with a special gift for networking and connecting people in his sphere of influence for their mutual gain. In any new environment, he is quickly brought into the top-most inner circle.

He’s also a creative entrepreneur, having built a unique organic, air-roasted, premium coffee brand, Good Stuff Coffee, which helps young men and women when they age out of foster care, and is available for purchase online or in 32 Sprouts Farmers Market stores in Southern California.

His current mission is promoting the messaging that, “Before anyone can Make America Great Again, America Must Put God First.” Using a creative America First design with “must put God” interjected in between, he is giving free coffee mugs to podcasters and influencers with a large audience who agree to place them conspicuously in frame on their desks during their shows or interviews. They are encouraged to mention the message and reference 2 Chr 7:14.

He and his wife of 29 years, Deb, live in Irvine and have two grown children who live nearby in Orange County that still enjoy hanging out with their parents.

My Bible-based Christian faith is the foundation for everything I am and do.

In business, my mission is to:
1) operate for the glory of God,
2) provide for my family,
3) deliver needed business solutions to clients,
4) provide gainful engagements for others in my network,
5) live life utilizing fully the gifts God has given me, and
6) have an abundance available with which to help others in need.