The Time For Audits Is Now!

Fraud ChartThe Biden Regime, since it claims to be interested in unifying America, should take the opportunity right now to have all key races audited openly, publicly, transparently and immediately. The Election Fraud Deniers have the opportunity to prove their case directly to the American People right now. If audits don’t happen immediately, what does that tell us?

My Election Day Prayer for America

2 Chr 7:14GAME DAY! My Election Day prayer. Blessings to you all!

Dear Heavenly Father,

You are Lord of all creation, the one and only true living God, the God of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob. You know everything from beginning to end before it happens. There is nothing You do not know. And You are everywhere at once. You are not penned in by time or space. And You are all-powerful. There is no act too small or too great for You to accomplish, in an instant, by Your Will, by Your Word. If You Will it to be so, so it is. There is no one, no thing that can stand in Your way.

We are Your children, born again of the Spirit, reconciled to You through the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross, dying in our place, taking the punishment we deserve and giving us instead that which we do not deserve – eternal life in heaven, in fellowship with You forever.

We stand convicted of transgressing Your Holy Law. We have removed You from Your rightful place as the top priority in our lives to chase after our selfish indulgences. We’re sorry for our personal sins and the collective sins of our nation that have brought us to this point of judgment. We bring these sins before You and confess them openly to You. We ask You to reconcile us back to Yourself, and we pray for Your mercy, grace and forgiveness.

It is with great sadness that we observe the intentional destruction of our once great nation by infiltrators from within, but we also acknowledge that it took this depth of evil to wake us up from our comfort, to shake us off our foundation, to remind us that it is You and You alone who are our provision. We have arrived in this state because we, Your church, those who profess to have put our faith and Trust in the Lord Jesus Christ, we have not been light and salt in this world. We have been apathetic or ignorant at best, and at worst, complicit in the undermining of our society, allowing You to be systematically removed from every facet of our culture.

You have been patient with us, very patient, but You are a righteous God, a just God, and the time has come for You to act. We deserve judgment, but we are awake now, Lord, and we pray that You do not give us what we deserve. Instead, we pray for a reprieve, for grace, for You to hear our prayer, forgive our sins, and heal our land.

You are a good and gracious God, a loving God, a forgiving God, our Father in heaven. You love us, Your children, and You want only what is best for us. You are the perfect parent. When necessary, you give us the discipline we need, and you balance that perfectly with grace, forgiveness and comfort, always with the loving intention of convicting us, not condemning us, that we might confess our sins, repent, and return and be restored in right relationship with You.

It is therefore with great faith and optimism that we look forward to the work set before us with this election today. Let this be the pivotal moment that America turns back to You. We ask that You guide us and strengthen and enable us to shine Your light in the darkness, to be bold, in a loving manner, to expose the evil and corruption that has plagued our nation for so long, and that You would cause Your people everywhere to take a stand, to show up, to exercise our civic responsibility, our duty, to vote for those candidates and measures that are just and fair and righteous.

Lord, God, we pray for You to restore us to being once again One Nation Under God, that we would place You first in everything we think and say and do. We humble ourselves, Lord, and we bring this prayer before You. We seek Your face, and we turn from our wicked ways that have brought us to this point of near destruction. We ask that You hear us from heaven, that you forgive us our sins, and that you heal our land!

In the mighty name of Jesus we pray,


Election Voter Guides & Poll Worker/Poll Observer Tools & Resources

Comparing Results from Trump vs. Biden

The upcoming November 8th midterm election is mission-critical if America is to continue as a free, sovereign nation. Voter fraud is rampant and the goal of the left is the utter destruction of our constitutional republic and the ushering in of globalism. Many of our friends are playing the role of “useful idiot,” defending and supporting the march toward socialism, the destruction of international borders, and the removal of God from both the public and private squares.

Think of it this way … before the basketball game even starts, the other team already has 40 points up on the scoreboard. We have to overwhelm the polls with conservative voters to make up that deficit before it becomes a fair race. And participating as poll workers and observers, and even citizens just paying attention and documenting their experiences, will serve both as deterrence up front as well as providing contemporaneous evidence for use in making future elections more secure. If we have conservatives observing, holding election officials accountable on election day, and documenting any observed malfeasance, we can reduce that deficit from 40 points to 30 or 20 by preventing some of the fraud from taking place.

Opinions from a Former JudgeThe goal, as far as I see it, is to reclaim the House and Senate this November so we can go back and expose what really happened in the 2020 election and work to restore free and fair (transparent) elections going forward. That means every vote matters more than ever, so please encourage every conservative you know, especially the ones who rarely vote or think their vote doesn’t count, to get out and vote for the America First Republican, or the RINO if necessary to prevent a Democrat from winning if there is no America First candidate on the ballot. Independents and Libertarians, please do NOT steal votes away from the Republican candidates. You’re not going to win and you’re only aiding and abetting the enemy’s efforts if you don’t stand with us in 2022!


Here are some tools to help you make sure your vote IS counted.


These are websites that provide information about candidates, parties and propositions so you can make up your own mind. Most give explanations as to the leanings and positions of candidates on specific issues with links to their websites so you can conduct your own research. The judges are vetted as to whether or not they are activists, creating law from the bench (wrong branch, folks!), or strict constitutional “constructionists” that believe their job is merely to interpret the law according to the supreme law of the land. While recommendations are made, non-Christians and leftists could use these same sites to understand where candidates and propositions stand to help them to vote AGAINST Christian Biblical values if they chose to do so.

Election Forum – Craig Huey

Judge Voter Guide – Craig Huey

Nancy’s Picks – Nancy Sandoval

Robyn Nordell

Biblical Voter – Salt & Light Council (Dran Reese)

Reform California – Carl DeMaio “Plain English” Voter Guide (w/o deceptive titles)

iVoterGuide & Party Platform Comparisons – emailed out by FRC Action (Tony Perkins)

Real Impact Voter Guides – Gina Gleason (affiliated w/ Jack Hibbs/CC Chino Hills)


Calendar Nov 8 Election Day VOTE!2. VOTE ON ELECTION DAY

The fraudsters have estimates of how much cheating they have to do to counteract legitimate conservative votes. If you vote early, you are giving them ammunition to help them cheat. The best tactic we can deploy is to hold your vote until Election Day. Hopefully our numbers will be so overwhelming they will not be able to cheat big enough, or if they do, it will be obvious (like what happened in 2020 when they had to shut down counting in five states to give them time to cheat big!). We know what they did in 2020, and have eyes on every one of those areas, from paper to machines to wi-fi to router traffic and more, so we are observing and recording all those things in 2022 so we can more easily and quickly prove the fraud this time around.

So it goes without saying, do not mail your ballot in. And do not use a drop box. Take your ballot directly to the Registrar of Voters in your county and hand deliver it inside and watch it being placed into the ballot box (or place it there yourself if allowed).



Being a worker is better because we’ve seen how observers can easily be obfuscated from conducting their duties – papered up windows or just being removed so far away that they cannot tell what’s going on. If you’re an actual worker, you can observe and be a deterrence up close. Call immediate attention to anything that does not appear to be right, ask a supervisor to intervene, and make sure it is documented by them and get a copy – or document it yourself (contemporaneous notes, notes taken at or shortly after an incident).

Work on Election Day Nov 2022 in Orange County CA (it’s now too late to become a Poll Worker)

One More Mission for America’s Veterans (to serve as poll workers/observers to safeguard our elections) – The America Project



The following links contain terrific information and tools for every voter concerned about election integrity. Everyone should read through the Citizen Election Observer pages and watch the video. Push this out to your friends and family! And if you’re an official poll worker or poll observer, check out the additional Election Integrity Tools.

These tools will help you be better prepared to do your jobs and will provide you the means to properly document and report your experiences.

TAP Election Transparency Initiative header

Citizen Election Observer (“CEO” = average citizen observers) – The America Project (Tim Meisburger) – watch 4-min video here for CEO

Election Integrity Tools for Poll Watchers, Poll Workers, Challengers, and Observers – The America Project (Tim Meisburger)

Other Sites to Report Suspicious Activity



If you want to help the soldiers for Election Integrity who are fighting this war on the front lines, doing everything possible to restore free and fair, transparent elections to our country, first and foremost – get involved directly. Each individual citizen must step up and do what they can in their own sphere of influence locally. If every conservative will stand up and get involved, we will win this fight. General Flynn says Local Action = National Impact. Don’t be looking for some other person to step up and save you. It’s up to you, yourself. Freedom isn’t free and it requires sacrifice from time to time. Are your kids worth it?

Next, if you can, please consider making a donation to The America Project (donations are not tax deductible). The America Project is making a difference in Election Integrity, Medical Freedom, Border Security, 2nd Amendment Rights, Parental Freedom, and Religious Freedom.

The America Project's 6 Pillars


My Love Tustin Story

Love Tustin BannerSaturday, May 4th, 2019 at Peppertree Park – 7:30am to 2:30pm

Love Fullerton 2018 Bench Building CrewI attend a regular weekly Bible study in Fullerton every Monday night, so two years ago, when I learned about the Love Fullerton citywide serve day event produced by OC United, I volunteered to help out.

Love Fullerton 2018 Completed BenchLast year, our crew built a U-shaped bench in the outdoor classroom area for the Agricultural Department at Fullerton High School. Students previously had to stand when receiving instruction or for other gatherings. Now they have a beautiful bench to sit on, all because of the Love Fullerton event.

The year before that, I helped on a team to hang drywall in a garage that was being converted into functional living space in a house where former foster youth lived.

OC United LogoOC United, in partnership with a group called Love Our Cities out of Modesto, has helped launch and continues to produce events like Love Fullerton in eight other cities: Anaheim, Brea, Buena Park, Costa Mesa, La Habra, La Mirada, Orange, Placentia & Yorba Linda.

I was very impressed and thought how much I’d like to see an event like this in my home town of Tustin. After praying about it, I felt that the Lord was nudging me to step up and be the City Leader to establish Love Tustin, so I reached out to OC United and they helped me get things started.

The concept of Love Tustin and all the rest of the Love Our Cities events is for the entire community to come together for half a day once a year (at least initially) to provide resources and labor to complete desired projects for the benefit of all our city residents. We bring together city government, local businesses, non-profits, schools, and the faith community to help “cross pollinate” these groups so we can all expand outside our normal spheres of influence and get to know and work with others in the community.

Groups with needs propose projects, and volunteers then view the list of available projects and sign up to work on one or more of them at the website.

Love Tustin 2019 T-ShirtsWe still have openings and could use more volunteers for a few projects. If you would like to help out, please visit, choose a project or two and sign up.

The first 100 volunteers checking in on-site at the Rally at Peppertree Park on Saturday morning will get a FREE Love Tustin t-shirt! Also, Oliboli Donuts and Good Stuff Coffee will provide a light breakfast at the morning Rally, and Friends Cafe will provide a light lunch to show our appreciation for all the volunteers.

I hope to see you out there this coming Saturday at Peppertree Park. And SAVE THE DATE for next year – Saturday, April 25, 2020!

Leave a Great Taste in Your Soul™  Oliboli Donuts  Friends Cafe Tustin

Love Tustin 2019

Love TustinAnnouncing Love Tustin
Saturday, May 4th, 2019

What is Love Tustin?
Love Tustin ( is a one-day city-wide serve day led by the faith community that will be held Saturday, May 4th, 2019 (aka “Star Wars” Day – May the 4th be with you!) starting with a Sponsored Breakfast and a Kick-off Rally at Peppertree Park at 8am.

Its purpose is to bring together multiple siloed groups, such as:

  • City Government Departments
  • First Responders
  • Charities & Non-profits
  • Local Businesses
  • Schools
  • Athletic Boosters
  • Church Community Outreach Programs
  • and More!

The idea is to create awareness of what we are all doing separately to take pride in and be a blessing to our community, to help us find synergies and work together where it makes sense to achieve common goals – and also just to get to know one another better.

Agenda for the Day
The day begins with everyone meeting together for breakfast at the Kick-off Rally, to receive encouragement and connect with the rest of the volunteers and the Project Leader for your assigned Project. After the Rally, you head off with your group to complete your Project. Then around 12:30 to 1pm, everyone regroups to enjoy a “Thank You” Luncheon provided by sponsors.

Submit Projects to Show our Love for Tustin
We are looking to all of you in the local community to let us know how we can best Love Tustin in practical ways. Do we need to pick up trash, paint a building, build a park bench, visit a senior center, drywall a home for former foster youth, … what are the needs that need to be filled? We need you to suggest projects.

Visit to post your project for review and approval. If your project is approved, be prepared that someone on your team needs to accept responsibility to be the Project Leader. No one will know the project better than you.

Or if you’re a volunteer, you can visit to choose which project you want to work on. The site will let you know if it’s kid-friendly, or perhaps it’s a bit dangerous and you need to bring your own power tools, etc.

Joining The Movement
I’ve agreed to act as City Leader to get this very first Love Tustin event launched. In addition to seeking Projects for Love Tustin volunteers to work on, I am currently seeking to fill volunteer leadership positions. Many hands makes light work. The following positions are currently available:

  • Webmaster – keeps site up-to-date and sends out broadcast emails
  • Sponsorship Chair – talks to businesses to ask for sponsorships to any cover hard costs including, promotional materials, the Rally Breakfast and “Thank You” Luncheon
  • Projects Chair – works with Project Captains to coordinate with the city, non profits, and schools to find and organize opportunities for volunteers to serve
  • Project Captains – each Project Captain oversees 10 or more Projects and reports to the Projects Chair
  • Rally Chair – organizes and executes the rally day-of including managing the Rally MC, Greeters Lead, and Security Lead
  • Rally MC – Master of Ceremonies for the morning Rally, keeps everyone informed and everything on schedule
  • Greeters Lead – organizes and trains greeters day-of
  • Security Lead – coordinates with local law enforcement and volunteers to make sue Love Tustin’s Rally and “Thank You” Luncheon are safe
  • Marketing Chair – handles promo materials, flyers, postcards, banners, promo signs in local businesses, etc. to make sure the community is aware of and participates in Love Tustin
  • Historian – takes pictures, conducts video interviews, etc., to document the events of the day
  • Church Liaison – recruits and invites local churches to participate
  • Schools Liaison – work with principals and other school contacts to suggest projects & involve children and parents

If you Love Tustin and you’re interested to learn more, or to sign up for one of these positions, please see below and contact me directly.

About Love Tustin

Love Tustin will be the 10th city-wide serve day launched and produced by using the blueprint originally developed and provided by There are currently over 60 LoveOurCities events held annually nationwide, with more being added every year.

Plan ahead to be a part of history, and a blessing to our community, and join us at the very first annual Love Tustin next May 4th!

For more information, visit, or contact me at (714) 822-4747, or by email at