Chris JacobsonChris Jacobson July 19 2018
Christian, Husband, Father, Businessman
+1 (714) 822-4747
340 E. First Street #11 • Tustin, CA 92781

My Bible-based Christian faith is foundational to everything I am and do.

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Jacobson Brands LogoJacobson Brands, Inc.
Brands that further the Gospel of Jesus Christ™
We help businesses get more done with less effort, which decreases cost, increases profits, and makes for a happy work environment and customer experience.

We clean up the mess, and train you for success™.

Consulting & implementation of custom-tailored Sales, Marketing & Business Process solutions for small- to medium-sized businesses and start-ups
Process Improvement
Custom CRM Configuration & Training using SmartSalesAdmin™
Partner & Referral Programs for Distributors &/or Resellers
Event Marketing
Fractional COO

Good Stuff Coffee logo & taglineGood Stuff Coffee
Do Good Things with Good Stuff™
As a follower of Jesus Christ, I use coffee to help Foster Foster Youth to permanently transition from a dependent, potentially self-destructive lifestyle into one of independence and self-sufficiency.

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